Sterling 45-60 August 2022 Online Open House Text Only


Welcome to the August 2022 Sterling Highway MP-45-60 Online Open House Text Only. The project will reduce highway congestion, meet current design standards, and improve highway safety.

The purpose of the Online Open House is to share new information regarding the project design and discuss the project’s next steps. 2022 construction efforts have occurred on Phase 1A, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5, and the pioneer roads.

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Design Questions

Jonathan Tymick, PE, Project Manager
[email protected]

Construction Questions

Shaun Combs, DOT&PF Project Engineer
[email protected]


1 – Project Schedule

Project completion scheduled for 2027.

2 – 2022 Construction Updates

We’ve been busy in 2022!

  • The Scarsella Bros. focused summer 2022 construction on Phase 1A (MP 56 to MP 58).
  • QAP-Traylor Joint Venture, the new Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC), will continue work on the Pioneer Road construction and clearing during the remainder of the 2022 season.
  • The CM/GC completed development at Tract C and disposal areas.
  • Recreation access will be maintained throughout construction.

3 – West End (Phase 1A)

  • Under construction with work on the retaining wall and wildlife crossings.
  • Finishing construction in 2023.
  • Features: 12-foot lanes and 8-foot shoulders, wildlife crossings, and rock cuts with mesh retaining walls.

4 – East End (Phase 1B)

  • Design advanced with the submission of the 99% Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) check set plan set.
  • Conceptual design of a future connection from Quartz Creek Road to Kenai Peninsula Borough roads in process (MP 44.5).
  • Utility agreements are being finalized.
  • Right-of-way acquisitions in process.
  • Construction timing tied to Phase 3.

5 – Juneau Creek Bridge (Phase 2)

DOT&PF made a Bridge Type Selection; Concept 12: Steel Plate Girder bridge was chosen.

  • The Steel Plate Girder bridge design was advanced to 40%.
  • Construction to occur 2023–2026.

6 – New Alignment (Phases 3-6)


  • New segment of highway extends from MP 47 to MP 56.
  • Includes key elements that help meet project needs: reduce highway congestion, meet current design standards, and improve highway safety:
    • Alignment pulls away from Kenai River, provides straighter alignment compared to existing corridor. Straightening alignment offers more passing opportunities.
    • New alignment road grade climbs up to Juneau Creek Bridge on either side, providing opportunities for slower vehicles to ascend steep grades in outside climbing lane without slowing traffic.
  • Features along new alignment include:
    • Pathway (requested by the community) along south side of new highway. Design is in progress.
    • Pathway will create pedestrian connections to other trails and allow construction to use excess material on-site instead of hauling it away.
    • Wildlife crossings: one overcrossing, two undercrossings, designated crossing corridors on either end under Juneau Creek Bridge, and three oversized drainage culverts.


  • Phase 3 & 4 Early Work Package began construction in August 2022 and is anticipated to be completed in 2024.
  • Finished road profile will be completed as part of Phases 1B and 5 from 2024 – 2026.

7 – Recreational Features (Phase 3-6)

Juneau Falls Trailhead

  • New parking and dedicated left-turn lane
  • New trail connecting parking lot to Resurrection Pass trail with separate equestrian access trail
  • New Juneau Falls Overlook accessible via 1/4-mile trail from parking lot
  • Parking lot to accommodate access road and include snow storage

Bean Creek Trail

  • New pullout built to access the trail.
  • Trail will have minor realignments due to road construction and access to trail under Juneau Creek Bridge.

Slaughter Ridge

  • Hikers will be able to access Slaughter Gulch Trail through highway undercrossing structure sized to include creek crossing.

8 – Western Intersection (Phase 5)

  • Land exchange update; DOT&PF to purchase land from Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI).
  • DOT&PF is working closely with CIRI to permit this summer’s pre-construction activities (geotech, clearing, and H&H fieldwork).
  • Overview of Phase 5 Design concept:
    • The intersection of the new and old Sterling Highways at the west end (Phase 5) will feature a tight diamond interchange design. This design will provide the best traffic safety and minimize impacts on cultural resources and wetlands

Design Next Steps

  • Phase 4/5 Early Work Package

9 – Contact Us

Design Questions

Jonathan Tymick, PE, Project Manager
[email protected]

Construction Questions

Shaun Combs, DOT&PF Project Engineer
[email protected]

Know Before You Go: – for construction status
www.511.Alaska.Gov – for road conditions